Neil Curtis, M.TchLcn, PGradDipEd, PGDipMathEd, DipTch, DipSptRec, CQA, ANZIM

St Mark’s School, Christchurch.

Neil Curtis emailed Kidz Aerobix this incredible Testimonial that we had to include it as a PDF. Click this link for more comments. Testimonial 2014 Neil Curtis

  • It fits within multiple curriculums….. the PE and ARTS and
  • Fun.  Every time you use Jump Jam you see fun verbally, physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.  A stimulus to again improve school and class tone leading ultimately to better learning environments
  • Takes you on a journey.  This comes out of the mouth of students and teachers I have come across.   It is not just about doing a bit of fitness or doing some Jump Jam.  Many actually take a journey that involves dance, music, communication with others and have fun while they are doing it

Neil Curtis, M.TchLcn, PGradDipEd, PGDipMathEd, DipTch, DipSptRec, CQA, ANZIM

Pinehill School, Browns Bay, Auckland.

Barbara Laing from Omanu School says… I love the way JUMP JAM is so easy to incorporate into your day at anytime. It’s possible to just do a quick warm up / brain jog in your class room if you have mat space or you can use it as a 10 minute fitness activity and can involve other rooms as well if wanted.  Because there is a DVD for every routine you don’t even have to do it yourself or need leaders. At our school we have syndicates who all come to the hall at the same time each week for half an hour to do as many routines as they can fit in.  We are also able to do it outside as we have portable sound system and the kids know so many routines off by heart. We use student leaders to run lunchtime sessions as well as class sessions and it provides these kids with plenty of opportunities to develop their confidence, problem solve, improve their organisational skills and become positive role models in our school. Covers every Key Competency!

JUMP JAM is loads of fun, easy to follow and improves the students fitness without them realising it makes me use it.

Abby McNae, DipTch

Omanu School, Mt Maunganui.

I keep hearing parents comment about how their children’s confidence has grown since starting JUMP JAM. The system is easy to use and has simple instructions to follow. Everything is done for you and it sure makes my job easier.

Barbara Laing, DipTch

St Mary’s Tauranga (Coach of winning JUMP JAM Challenge National titles)

For Halswell School the JUMP JAM programme is quick and easy fitness in all weather – inside or out.
The JUMP JAM competitions are an event our children can be involved in and gives them a chance to gain leadership skills.
Overall JUMP JAM gets children motivated to keep fit and the children enjoy it.

Kim Artus

Halswell School, Christchurch.

At Darfield School we run JUMP JAM as part of our school wide health/PE program. The entire school (215 students) participates on average in 3 x 15 minute compulsory sessions per week. I also use it daily to break up lessons. We also run it on a Friday afternoon for an hour for students who have met all of their goals for the week as a reward – they love it!

As teachers we love seeing the program entirely lead by students.

Lisa Dovey, BA (Psyc/Educ) & DipTch

Darfield School, Christchurch.

The resource packs come with the teachers tips that are great and easy to learn … But equally awesome are the DVD’s for schools that don’t have the luxury of instructors. The DVD’s are simple for students to follow. The students love all the different flavours, cultures, and levels for all age groups.

The music & choreography is energising, inspiring, fun, & achievable. Everyone gets to express themselves.

Seeing kids have fun through fitness, makes me do it! You will see kids from the most extreme socio economic corners excel in this program. Now Because of JUMP JAM, excel, means many things! Most will smile, most will get fitter and all gain confidence. In my community i myself could gain no more pleasure than a child proudly and confidently lifts their head and says “Hi Liz” when we meet in the playground, in town & everywhere because of our journey with JUMP JAM.

Mary Bastion, DipTch

Hilltop School, Taupo.

I love how JUMP JAM uses aspects of brain gym which supports my children with their learning. It is so easy to use in the classroom as a starter for the day or a quick break in between moving from one area of learning to another. The teachers and students just love JUMP JAM at Milson.

Liz Scott, NZ Cert Fitness Instructor (Lvl 3) & NZ Cert Group Fitness Instruction (Level 3)